Fast paced PCV bus driver training

Long hours of training and extreme concentration can lead to less efficiency. We work very differently because we always keep our PCV bus driver training sessions short and easy to grasp. This strategy has come out to be quite relaxing for the students who enrol with us. We always provide you with on-going support no matter what you need help with. Our PCV bus driver training has coordinators who will help you throughout your training.

Find out more about PCV bus driver training licenses

PCV bus driver training is split into various categories to make it easier for our students to decide which one do they want to go for. With this training you can drive a bus, mini bus, double decker bus and a coach. The categories are as following:

  • CAT D1
  • This license allows you to drive a mini bus that is no longer than 8 meters and has maximum 16 seats. You can also tow a trailer weighing up to 750 kg.

  • CAT D1+E
  • This license also allows you to driver a 16 seat minibus that is 8 meters long only with an exception of towing a trailer heavier than 750 kg but not heavier than the vehicle itself. The combined weight should be 12 tonnes.

  • CAT D
  • This license allows you to drive a bus or a coach with 16 seats and tow a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • CAT D+E
  • This is the most advanced bus license. It allows you to drive a bus with more than 16 seats and tow a trailer heavier than 750 kg.

Affordable rates with easy installments

Our PCV bus driver training is on competitive rates. We have kept the entire thing affordable so that anyone can easily enrol. If in case you are short on funds then you can go for our 0% interest rate funding option. With this option you can train now and pay later once you are done.

PCV bus driver training jobs

Currently there are thousands of PCV bus driver jobs in London and other cities throughout the UK. There is a shortage of bus drivers in the UK which is why the companies are providing better salaries than ever. You can easily make up to £30,000 with your job as a bus driver with various benefits and incentives throughout the year.