Corporate and individual HGV training solutions

Our HGV training consists of 5 easy and simple steps to a bright career.

  • Step 1: Get in touch
    Start off by contacting our representatives today. Let us answer all of your questions about getting enrolled in our HGV training. Make the decision that will benefit you for the rest of your life today.
  • Step 2: Provisional
    The second step is to apply for a provisional and a medical test. We not only are responsible for providing you HGV training but we also help you complete all the documentation required to apply for your provisional and a medical examination. Both of the things are easy to acquire.
  • Step 3: Theory test
    After you have acquired your provisional you will need to take a theory test. It consists of MCQs. You will need to take it on a computer. We are always here to help you prepare for it so you pass with maximum points. Our HGV driver training is a blend of everything that’s related.
  • Step 4: Practical training
    Now starts the fun part where we will be providing you practical HGV training on our modern vehicles. We have a site allocated just to teach you reversing, parking and manoeuvring the vehicles.
  • Step 5: Qualify
    The final part is to qualify and choose the best job from hundreds of available HGV jobs in London and all other cities across UK.

Choose your HGV training license category

  • Perfect for anyone who wants to drive delivery vans, paramedics etc. With this licence in hand you can driver vehicles up to 7500 kg.

  • Suitable for drivers who are looking to drive vehicles weighing 7500 along with a trailer of 750 kg. If your job requires you to tow a trailer then you will have to go for this licence category.

  • Recommended for anyone who wants to handle vehicles in excess to 7500 kg with a trailer up to 750 kg.

  • For drivers who want to handle the largest vehicles available in excess of 7500 kg with trailers above 750 kg.

A rewarding career is calling you

HGV jobs can pay up to £30,000 per annum. These figures increase with your efficiency in work place and there is a huge potential of growth in the industry. Make the decision today for a rewarding tomorrow.