We are committed to help our students

Our forklift training is one of the finest training in the UK. If you want to work in the industrial section then we recommend you opt for our forklift training so you are able to make a perfect career for yourself. The strength of our organisation lies within our commitment of caring for the students. Not only are we offering individual forklift training but also group trainings depending upon your preference.

Choose us for your training partner

Unlike other training schools we offer different kinds of forklift trainings. This highly depends upon your requirements of what you want to do. To make it more clear, we have explained the categories in detail.

  • Beginner level forklift training (recommended):
  • We highly recommend this forklift training to 80% of our students. This is the most extensive type of training that we have because as a beginner we teach you everything from the basics to the master level skills that you will need in your forklift operating jobs.

  • Master level forklift training:
  • About 60% of our students choose to go for master level forklift training. This percentage consists of students who have prior knowledge of the subject and require practice in the field. Most of our students also enrol in this type because they want to train for a different kind of forklift altogether.

  • Refresher forklift training
  • Refresher forklift training is when you are already working as an operator and your company requires you to undergo a training to make sure your skills are still up to the mark. This is done to avoid workplace accidents and mishaps. It’s also quite handy when you haven’t been in practice for years and want to go back to the career.

  • Counterbalance & reach forklift training
  • Two most common types of forklifts used in the UK are counterbalance and reach truck. Both are highly efficient within warehouses and manufacturing industries. This is why we provide our forklift training on both of these vehicles because the chances of you working with them are greater than any other forklift within UK.

Earn up to £30,000 per annum with your forklift operating job

You can easily earn up to £30K initially with your job as an operator. However, this will increase with your experience in the industry and perfect skill. you can easily get promoted to a higher rank than an operator in no time depending upon your performance.