Our training courses are easily affordable for our students

First Rate Driver Training For You

Once you have decided to score this amazing opportunity of becoming a professional driver, the question; why choose us arises. The answer is simple, our driver trainings like HGV training and PCV bus driver training are a blend of perfection and opportunity for our students. Furthermore:

  • You will find us always ready and prepared to assist you in whatever you find hard to do by yourself.
  • We have a team of highly professional and experienced instructors for your HGV training and LGV training.
  • We are equipped with modern training vehicles for all the commercial driver lessons especially PCV bus driver training.
  • We are providing trainings for individuals, groups and corporations on amazing rates.

Choose your training

We have partnered with a number of organisations and provide them with professional and skilled drivers who are well aware how to boost the profits of the companies they work with. We are offering the following trainings:

HGV Driver Training

Our HGV training often known as LGV training also is a 5 day training where our instructors teach you the theory and practical side of the subject. Not only that we are responsible for preparing you for what’s to come on your job as a driver ahead.

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PCV Bus Driver Training

Our instructors will give you a warm welcome in our PCV bus driver training. We are confident that you have made the right choice by enrolling in this training for your career. Not only it is the most respectable job but also pays quite well.

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Forklift Operator Training

Handling of any industrial equipment will be much easier with our forklift training. We have helped many operators exceed the level of success within this industry with the help of our extensive training sessions.

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Funding Options

Both of our training courses HGV training and PCV bus driver training are easily affordable by 99% of our students. We are also offering a 0% interest rate funding option for those who are interested in training right away without paying. You can pay once you are done with the training. Not only will that make your HGV driver training easier but once you will file for HGV jobs you will be able to pay back easily.


We have a dedicated site for vehicle manoeuvring, reversing and parking practice.
Campus is easily accessible.
There is allocated on-site parking

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